With every change in this dynamic environment, we tend to bring out some bending and amends in our own terms and conditions as well. We request you to please read all these terms and conditions and heed to them. Please pay close attention to the words and understand everything that has been put forth to you in order to maintain a smooth functioning relationship between the either of us. There will surely be times when any part or semi part of these terms and conditions could be changed/edited/suspended/removed from here as per any changes required. Any changes that are made from our side will first handedly be posted on this official site of ours. And with the posting of the changes/additions/suspensions/removal of any terms and conditions, the respective would be under implementation the second they have been made or put up. Hence, by continuing to stay in touch with us we assume you hereby are willingly ready to abide by all the listed terms and conditions. There would also be chances of bringing editing components/additional/suspended version of contents in features, procedures, and rules for either a particular period of time or permanently. These changes would be done without any notice so we request you to keep yourself up to date with the entire content and if there are any changes. However, there would also be instances where MIS would take validity proofs of ID and existence of the transactions that are done by any User at any time or from any place.


MIS has been procuring and providing recharging services to it's customers. Recharges can be done on your phone whether it's a prepaid or a postpaid plan, or even recharge of your DTH services. We would also like to hereby make it clear that MIS is not a company/organisation or a DTH service provider. We are purely an intermediate to access the transactions taking place between two accounts and thus only resellers of prepaid or postpaid recharges in your mobile phones or DTH services provided to you by telecommunications. We do not hold any kind of assurance/warranty /guarantee of the services provided by your DTH or any other telecommunication services that you receive from other service providers. Recharge being processed by us from the User to the service provider does not perform any breach of contract from our end in the various laws of Telecommunications. Any type of disputes regarding rates, cost, expiry, lagging services or any other hurdles or requires regarding the telecommunication services shall be resolved between the User and the telecommunication service provider as we do no to play any role in those aspects.


Here are a few terms and conditions we request every User to read prior to accessing our service of bookings in railway/airway/bus tickets.

  • MIS does not provide or own any of it's own transportation services for it's Users. The Users can only book tickets through our portals and have their entire discreet of choosing our method of payments with respect to their own convenience.

  • Any kind of facility /service shown as a part of the deal or the transaction with a service will be provided by the service provider himself and through us. In case any facility / service is provided by us, you would be entirely eligible to exploit it to it's fullest. However any further inquiry or doubts can be asked by the User at the customer service option.

  • Any cancellation or refund policies would be carried and guided by the terms and policies of the service provider and is not held accountable on our side. However in case refund or cancellation is allowed by the service provider, it will be transferred to your account without any doubts.

  • MIS is purely responsible for carrying out/working as a portal for issuing tickets, cancellation of tickets, refund in respect to cancellation. Apart from these responsibilities, MIS is not accountable for that might arise out of travelling facilities, and would be highly and precisely limited to time schedules, luggage safety, etc.

  • Passengers are requested to heed and abide strictly by all the terms and conditions and rules stated down by the service provider like carrying the valid ticket proof, carrying a valid identity card, not carrying any kind of harmful or dangerous object, etc. in order to attain maximum utilisation of the services.


AePS, as it’s name suggests, uses Aadhar mediated authentication to perform transactions via internet. The transactions are via PoS (MicroATM) through the Business correspondent of any bank that supports AePS. The following are required for mediating payments through AePS to MIS.

  • IIN

  • Aadhaar Number (at the back of aadhar card)

  • Fingerprint captured during Aadhaar enrolment

The payment pathway is not a responsibility of AePS and the bank of the customer is strictly to be held responsible in case of any lapses/glitches in the payment.

MIS does not claim any credibility in case of any issues caused while performing the transaction. The method of AePS is listed amongst many other to provide the best and easiest services to the customers. It is a quick way authentication and identification thus speeding the process along.


Insurance is the fourth basic need in today’s life right along side food, shelter and clothes. Despite being a simple concept, the insurance companies complicate it behind belief.

  • MIS provides insurance at the best term rates and affordable premiums. The top most insurances and plans are in tie up with us to deliver the most feasible of choices. You can choose from a wide range of plans and premiums according to your personal / professional needs what is the best option for you.

  • MIS also helps you coordinate the amount to be paid for premium, at the time of purchase and the returns your plan will eventually pay you. The terms are simplified for your understanding and all conditions and terms are clearly laid out at the time of / before the purchase.

  • However, the services beyond the purchase are subjected to the seller directly and does not involve MIS anyhow. The mediation is provided but MIS is not responsible for any grievances and / or failures to answer claims. Please read all scheme related documents carefully before purchasing the insurance.