Any transaction that had been failed or left incomplete halfway which is directly linked to MIS and if MIS has also received a simultaneous confirmation notification of the transaction being held or the payment portal took place, the amount will in relation to the refund will swiftly be processed and automatically be refunded to the User's bank account within a span of 7-14 working days of duration from the date of transaction and the User would receive a confirmation e-mail on their registered e-mail address regarding this entire process being held. It is to be duly noted by the User that only the actual amount of the transaction would be refunded excluding the getaway payment or any other taxes accountable.

However, due to any reason which would entirely be a technical glitch, in case the User receives a confirmation notification regarding the transaction but the transfer or service has not taken place, in that regard we would request the User to log a complaint explaining the entire issue with the necessary details and send it to the customer care e-mail ID that has been given on this website. MIS's customer service agents would revert to you within a short span of time, provide a tailor made solution to your issue and accordingly process any kind of refund or other facility if required.

In any kind of cases, MIS would held accountable to provide a refund to the User in case of any glitches or issues, the amount MIS would be liable for will be strictly restricted to the amount of which the transaction has been made. Any other claimed or contingent liability will be not help accountable by MIS to the User.

By reading the above words and heeding them, the User accepts and agrees to abide by all the terms and conditions of the refund and cancellation policy.

We thank you immensely for making a transaction with us!