Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Ans – An initiative which was introduced by Make India Smart Private Limited,(which is an ISO certified company),MIS Mudra is a wallet for money transactions, bill payment, recharge, domestic transactions online. Having a semi closed Prepaid Payment Instrument (PPI) wallet, (helps man to buy things according to the value stored in the instruments,) it provides instant money transfer service. In addition, it is approved by Reserve Bank of India.
Ans – In order to perform any task or use MIS-Mudra, first of all, you need to become a part of MIS Mudra agent. It has a widespread network over 2000 registered agents. Some of the things that you can do with MIS Mudra are as follows – you can perform money transaction to any bank account or any user, in an instant from anywhere. You can also go for bill payment, domestic and recharges online. You will be getting a commission on it.
Ans – There are a plethora of benefits of MIS Mudra wallet. These are as follows. a) You can become a MIS Mudra agent. All you need to do is to provide a proof of identity and proof of your address. This protects the company from imposture or discrepancy. b) Once you are an agent, money transactions to any bank are possible and you can get the credit in the bank immediately through Immediate Payment Service. c) Up to Rs 50000/- can be transferred by any agent to the bank per month. d) There are also some benefits that the customer will have. For example, there is no restriction when it comes to location and time. It makes their task least tedious because they don’t have to wait in lines for payment and receiving money. e) For the customers, the fees are low for money transfer. f) IMPS helps in instant money transfer and receiving credits. g) One can get instant receipt of the transacted amount and SMS.
Ans - Visit the MIS Mudra Sign Up page and register with Mobile Number, email, location in order to get a call back. The MIS Mudra agents will help you with boarding or getting used with MIS Mudra Wallet. As soon as you verify your details get the username and password via SMS. Using these, you can login to the website and mobile applications.
Ans – The benefits of becoming an authorized MIS Mudra agent are as follows: a) A downloadable link will be available to the MIS Mudra Application to you. b) You can also receive the very exclusive MIS Mudra marketing material, which includes authorized agent certificates, posters, banners, booklets, glow sign boards, etc. c) You will also receive transaction on every commission.
Ans – When you register in MIS Mudra Application, you will get a link of download MIS Mudra mobile application. As an alternative, you can also call @ 0120-2406051 so that you get the download link. On the other hand, you can also visit its official site for logging in from your computer or Laptop.
Ans – As already mentioned, approved by the Reserved Bank Of India, MIS Mudra is completely safe and secure. In addition, it also implements multiple layer of security to provide safety. Only authorized users can enter the network or AI. At the outermost security layer of MIS Mudra, any unauthorized access is immediately denied.
Ans – Definitely. The transaction amount will be immediately refunded to MIS Mudra in case the transaction fails.
Ans – Website for customer care: Here you can submit your queries and then fill up the form required. You can also email regarding any queries and complains or feedbacks at Moreover, you can also contact here 0120-2406051 between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM all days (except public holidays).
Ans – When your money is of full balance outstanding your account, in case of a debit or a credit card, it is prone to risks. However, this is not the case with MIS Mudra because in this form of E-Wallet, first money is loaded and then transacted.
Ans – No, you can only transfer funds to a phone number within India using MIS Mudra.
Ans – You can do this by Net banking through MIS Mudra app or by visiting the official site
Ans – Go to the MIS Mudra mobile app or and click on the forgot password link. You will get an OTP on your phone to regenerate your password. Using this OTP, you can generate a new password.