Bharat Bill Pay


An integrated bill payment system that offers exchangeable and accessible bill payment service that extends to all customers using a network called Agents Institutions or AI. MIS Mudra provides a lot of opportunities for better Bharat Bill Payment System and easier access. The question that immediately arises is how.

To put it into words, MIS Mudra has got multiple bill payment modes, which includes all the payment including Debit and Credit cards, MasterCard, Visa and so on. The other important facility that it provides is definitely instant confirmation of payment, that is, as soon as you pay on the BBPS, you can definitely get a confirmation message that your payment has been done. This is a very useful feature as you get to know if your bill is properly paid or not. These essential criteria and needs of the bill payment market is meted out here.

However, there is also an efficient alternative that the MIS Mudra Facilities can offer. These include the following things.

  • Instant Water Bill Payment through our agents.
  • Instant Electric Bill Payment through our agents
  • Instant Gas Bill Payment through our agents
  • Instant Broadband Bill Payment through our agents
  • Instant Landline Bill Payment through our agents