About Us


An initiative which was introduced by Make India Smart Private Limited,(which is an ISO certified company),MIS Mudra is a wallet for money transactions, bill payment, recharge, domestic transactions online. We, MIS are a technology consulting company who provide IT Solutions in many business domains and one of our best consulting base is about e-commerce money transfer is our set up of MIS Mudra. Standing consistent to our statements, we align our software and produce business domains and platforms which are entirely focused on serving our clients with a professional help.

MIS Mudra is one of our most successful domains as such, which helps you about in the process of transferring of online money to your beneficiary accounts or any other parties that you wish to. We make your job easier and provide you a larger scope to concentrate on your business and let us handle you in the process of transferring of payments. No more of instructions or guidance to your subordinates to banks, you're just a click away to make your payment to your parties.


We at MIS Mudra provide you with the service of a quick and robust transfer of money from one account to another with an entirely safe transaction process. No more standing in long bank queues, no more time limits of bank shutting down, no more waiting for the Sundays to pass for transactions to be done. You're all nothing but a click away from making your money transfer from your account to someone you just made a deal with! We have an assistance model arranged for you who would also help you guide through the process of your transactions.

With the utmost confidentiality of your account details and your personal details, we assure in no time processing of money and making your deal move to its final end in a faster rate.

We also provide opportunities to people in engaging with us and becoming our part of our renowned agents team who help customers out with their transactions and other features that we offer you.

You can transfer your money to any bank account within these geographical boundaries at any time or from anywhere you wish to without any hurdles.


  • We provide an 24/7 and 365 days available online service for your payment transactions.

  • We also assure you utmost confidentiality of your details and transactions that take place on your account.

  • We let you add your most frequently contacted accounts under beneficiaries.

  • Help transfer of money to any bank within the geographical boundaries of the nation within no time.

  • We can also help transfer your own cash into your own bank account.

  • We also provide opportunities to work with us and be a part of our agents team.


Being a customer you will always think twice about engaging into something that deals with money. And we completely understand and respect your thoughts that are why we're ready to brief you about what we'd provide you with.

We'd help you with your transactions assure you utmost privacy of your details, transfer of money in no time, convenient and robust services, agents to help in any assistance. Safety of your money is our highest priority and hence we work with a trusted software of encryption and digitalization.In case of any transaction you make, it would be preserved by a PIN that you would be asked for if you make any transaction.

From any issues, transferring of money to security to issues of forgetting by our account password, we've got it all covered for you!

We understand that a second thought would still be knocking at the back of your mind and hence we've listed down the reasons for you as to why you should become our customer and let us help you.

  • We provide you services 24*7 and you do not have to wait in long bank queues or worry about banks being shut at a particular time or day.

  • Your details would be kept safe with us and no invasion of third parties into your personal details would be tolerated or made accessible by us.

  • Your money transfer also comes with a proof receipt or an SMS on your mobile.

  • Your transfers can now be done with a very low rate on your fees.

  • You would be able to transfer a maximum amount of 50,000 INR per month with your minimum KYC done.

  • We provide agents that are ready to assist you anytime and with any query that you have or issue that you are dealing with.